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Thread: water issue

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    water issue

    Hello everyone,
    My son and I have been proud owners of a saltwater tank now for about 2 months. We have noticed the last week or so that we have a reddish/brown tint on the floor of the tank. It is the color of our food, which is new life spectrum marine fish formula. The fish are eating the majority of the food, but maybe a couple of pellets are left. What can we do or use to get our sand back to the original color. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you

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    Hey Andy and son,
    Congrats on the new tank. With out seeing pics, I would probally guess either diatoms or cyno. Look for pics on the internet to see if it might be one those. Diatoms being more of a powdery brown and cyno being more of a reddish velvet that easily blows off sand and rocks. Its a hard question to answer with out knowingn What are your water parameters? Live stock? Tank size and how much flow? Clean up crew?

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    Hi There,
    I am so glad that someone got in touch with me, thanks! I have a 30 gallon tank, with a cycle guard with box max power filter. We have 3 damsels, 2 clownfish, and an urchin in our tank. What would be best to use for a clean up crew? We got our tank at Elmers, and received some help on the set up, but not a whole lot of help. Please get back to me, thanks
    Andy and Kyle

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    hello again,
    I did look up what the colors are, and its exactly diatoms. What is the best way to get rid of this? I appreciate your help again

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    Diatoms happen to will run its course over time, caused by silicates in the water. I assume that your not using ro/di water? That will help with diatoms. Some snails, (cerith, astrea, nassurius, nerite). Blue/red leg crabs are cool too... read up on clean up crews and find out what would work best for you. Biggest thing is don't panic. Tanks take patience, and nothing good happens fast.

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