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Thread: Group buy for Larry's Reef Frenzy

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    Group buy for Larry's Reef Frenzy

    I'm looking to start a group buy for the food products offered by Larry's Reef Services. This guy has the best food products I think I have ever seen. These are all fresh ingredients, and it comes with everything a reef could possibly need. You can check out their website here ( Before I recently moved to Ohio, I was part of a reef club in Virginia that just recently held a group buy (which I wasn't able to be part of because I was in mid move), and the folks there are sold on it. I have been emailing Larry, and he has said he would be willing to offer a discount based on the number of packs we order. We would also be able to split the shipping costs. If you'd be interested, then just post here or shoot me a pm. I'd be glad to host the order, and I can bring the food to the Pittsburgh area once we get the order in (I'm located in Warren, OH, but I plan on doing lots of business with Slippery Rock corals and some of our other sponsors).

    Btw, here is a link to the feedback that my old club in Virginia is posting: Also, notice that Larry has provided some links to feedback there. Also, I want to assure you guys that I am in no way affiliated with Larry's Reef Services...I'm just a local reefer who is in search of a better food for my reef.

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    Isn't anyone interested? Please check out the links. This is really great stuff, and I'd love to get a group buy going.

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    We just had a DIY food workshop so people are probably stocked up for a while on food. Everyone took home 3 bags.

    We typically also try to only do group buys from people that sponsor / support the club.

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    Ok. Thanks for the headsup. That explains it.

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