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Thread: new saltwater tank owners

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    new saltwater tank owners

    Hello there everyone,
    My son Kyle and I met a wonderful member of your club last night at a local Pet store. Her name was Amy and she highly recommended me to look into this site. Kyle just received a 30 gallon saltwater tank for Christmas, and we have the basics so far. We have about 8 lb of live rock, 2 clownfish, 3 damsels, and an urchin. We need a good lighting system and Elmers wanted over $140 for the light and hood. Any suggestions on where to get this at a more reasonable rate. Kyle and I are very excited of joining your club. Thank you for any help on this question possible.

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    Welcome to the addiction!! What direction are you looking to take your tank, fish only or reef, will determine the type of lighting needed. Maybe somebody might have a lighting system laying around or you could check with the other sponsors of the site.

    What part of the Pittsburgh area are you from? If you have anyother questions please post them as there are many people here willing to help or even come over and help if needed.


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    Hi Andy,
    Elmers does a used equipment sale on the second Saturday each month, I've gotten several good deals there.

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    Thank you so much for checking us out first! Smart buyers. It most definitely depends on where you want to take your reef tank but honestly id stick to a sustainable tank first and then maybe upgrade later.

    Lighting will most likely be the most expensive part of your new hobby. BUT, if you do it right, you'll be happy in the long run.

    A premade fixture that you would just hang will run you about what elmer's quoted you BUT for the money I am positive that you can get much more bang for your buck than whatever it is that they were trying to get you to buy.

    I have no gripes with ebay lighting for first time buyers as I run cheap ebay lights over my frag tank and refugium that have lasted for years! Used equiptment can be dangerous or it can be your best friend. Bulbs are pricey and most likely with used items will need replaced. Ballasts for the lights can be bad as well.

    Id say, for a 30 gallon start up tank, a 24 inch T5 light setup would fare just well. Personally id invest in a decent LED setup that will give a shimmer effect and no bulb replacement for about 10 years. Those are still newish in the hobby so they are a bit more pricey but definitely worth it in the end. Metal Halide light setups are awesome especially mixed with T5 flouros but are incredibly inefficient.

    So all in all, id set a price limit as to what you are willing to spend on a light setup. Give us that number and im sure we can come up with some options to suit your needs!

    Funny I might actually have a light setup perfect to suit your needs here laying around. I had gotten it for a 20g long tank that I was going to setup but I ended up not.

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    Wow, thank you everyone for getting back to me so quickly. First off, we are from the Export/Murrysville part of town, and are definately learning as we go with the saltwater tank.. It really is becoming quite an addiction. Like I said, we currently have live rocks, but in time want to add coral. It was just a little too expensive to do it all at once. We want to add anemones here shortly, so I know that is important to pair with the lighting as well. I will post more later and again, thanks for all the advice that has been given so far!

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