Since RC's ridiculous selling post rules won't allow me to post anything for other people or with "name your own price" price tag, I'm going to try to post here before I offer everything up to Craigslist.

My friends Jess and Tom have been keeping saltwater for years and are trying to clear some space out of their basement for a new project (Originally a very large shark tank, but that is now pending a new house) They have a lot of left over gear they they are trying to get rid of. A lot of glass and acrylic sumps, a couple tanks, some halide lighting fixtures, skimmer, a chiller, pumps, wave makers, ect. The only thing they would like to set a specific price on is a never used acyclic sump (they are asking $100). Everything else is priced at whatever you want to give them for it. I'm pretty sure that they're going to just trash anything that no one shows any interest in. For reference, I picked up a 60g acyclic tank with overflow, stand, two 175 watt halide pendants with three extra bulbs, a box of functional pumps, a brand new little giant 21' head pump, and a heater for $75 and a few basic coral trades... Like I said - they just want the unused gear out of the basement! And part of the deal of them giving me all of the stuff above so cheap was that I help them get rid of what is left, so here I am. :-)

Here's a link to some of the pictures they sent me. They have several other things up for grabs.

If you're interested in any of this stuff, PM me and I will send you Tom's e-mail address (if you frequented Wet Pets the past several years you might already know him from there). If you wind up buying something but don't want to make the trip all the way down to Fredericktown, PA (a little bit past California/Brownsville) then let me know and I can bring anything that you arrange to buy to a future meeting, or meet up in Pittsburgh.


-Bill C