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Thread: January meeting?

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    January meeting?

    When is the January meeting?

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    Anybody? I'd like to know too.

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    I see now, January 19th. I've got a young tank so nothing to frag yet, but I have a piece of rock with two fungia that I would like to separate with some guidance/supervision. If anyone is interested I have some nice sargassum...

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    Sorry for some reason I didnt get notified of this post. As you see the meeting is Jan 19th. I hope to have the newsletter sent out today.

    BCass you dont need to have frags to show up, we bring in a lot of items to frag up and then raffle them all off for $1.00 a ticket!

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    Sad to report I can't make it to this one. Family obligations. I'll look forward to the February meeting. I am very excited to have converted from using polyfilter to prep my water to a BRS RODI unit. I'm hoping to see a drop in algae and diatoms in my tank. It hasn't been really bad, but I've needed to do weekly 15% water changes with stirring of the top 1/4 of my sandbed and using a turkey baster on my rock almost daily. Mr. Hankey the sea cucumber is helping with the detritus on the bottom Wish I could make it to the meeting. My second quarantine tank has been converted to a macroalgae tank with fantastic growth of caulerpa prolifera, feather caulerpa, and sargassum. I am using it to propagate amphipods to feed my main tank. I'm thinking of banishing my cleaner shrimp there because he steals food from my corals in my DT.

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