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Thread: Pyram snails

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    Pyram snails

    Are these little white snails Pyram Snails by any chance?
    If yes, I thought you can find them only on clams and I do not have any Giant Clams.

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    There are a few possibilities. Here is an article that should help with identification.

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    BTW, ordered the Profilux & the Mitras

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    I'm glad the article helped.

    Let's see you now have lights, fish, coral, and a controller.... When is the party???

    I forgot to ask you how the puppy was doing at the meeting. I'm sure she's not much of a puppy anymore.

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    Well, she is still a puppy, a big puppy!
    She keeps us busy, sometimes more than we like ….

    Maybe I shoud through a party, still not ready yet.

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