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Thread: Whos bringing coral to January meeting?

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    Nope, no QT tank, please read the posts. I am kidding/messing with Anthony guys - I would bet he got a kick out of the posts. Besides he is the one that turned this personal. I think anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together knows that I respect and enjoy him. And I hope he was messing with me a bit and was not really trying to say that I am a overreacting idiot. If he was, I will talk to him in person - one on one- PM me Anthony of you have anything to say to me about this. Seriously, I really originally posted just to make the point about trying to utilize the technology ( email and this website) that is available to the club now to organize that specific meeting better next year - that is ALL this was about. Yes , very unfortunate about the coral , but about 1/2 of it was utilized for the 2 frags I took off the coral before coming to the meeting and then 3 were taken and distributed at the meeting. So, no real big deal- after all 1 coral became 5. The 2 frags I took are doing great and hopefully so are the ones taken at the meeting. I will bet that many of the large softies cut up for frag swaps do not do much better than 50% survival for various reasons. As stated before, without any whining or overreacting that the fault is entirely mine. I should have had an additional tank or tub with good water ready. I just never thought that I would be bringing it back home with me and I used all the extra water I had doing a small water change and adding water to the tub that I brought him to the meeting in. I was trying to be generous to the club since it has been great to me. I now wish I never posted or brought the coral ....... I am out and wont post again on this thread. Please have the decency to PM further personal comments and opinions.....

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    sorry, didnt see anything in previous posts about qt, i must have skimmed over it maybe? but oh well whats done is done. i wasnt trying to cut you down or anything negative, so hopefully you didnt take it that way.

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    Hi all,

    I don't see anything else constructive coming out of this thread so I am closing it. If anyone has anything else to say to each other, please do so by PM or in person and try to be nice!


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