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Thread: Whos bringing coral to January meeting?

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    Whos bringing coral to January meeting?

    I know we have tried this in the past but was just wondering anyone whos attending the meeting whos donating corals for fragging/raffling? Thought we could get an advance list going of what all will be available in the raffle.

    I will be donating...

    ORA Marshall Island Blue Tip Bottle Brush 1-2 1" pcs
    ORA Tri Color Valida mini colony
    Purple Monti Digi
    Purple Polyped acro
    Few Heads Candy Cane

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    PMASI Member amandacox's Avatar
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    I'm bringing some Hydnophora, Sinularia (donated by member getting out of the hobby).

    I'm also bringing some frag plugs, epoxy, Coral Frenzy, etc. from the PMASI "Raffle Stash".


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    I can bring some purple/blue scrolling sponge (photosynthetic). Hot in the trade presently.

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    Don't have any coral to bring but will bring some coral rx if people want to use it.

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    Hi all,

    The club purchased the following corals for the demo:

    Red cynarina (we had requests for scolymia, but nice ones were too pricey. Cynarina is similar)
    Pink acropora
    Green/purple favia
    Elegance (this is a show stopper and should produce several very nice sized frags!)

    I am personally bringing:

    Plating montipora
    Pink with purple polyps bridsnest
    lots of fragging supplies

    Anthony Morgan donated a nice colony of sinularia


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    We will also have a 46 gallon bowfront aquarium with black trim, black stand and glass top for the raffle. The tank is not drilled and was donated by a former member.

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    WOW, Looking like another good frag workshop and an awesome raffle. Definitely looking forward to sat night!!!! Thanks to the club for some great items this year and all current donations.

    I will be bringing a few containers of chaeto for the raffle also
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    I will be bringing a frag of green with pink tip frogspawn ( 2- 3 heads) , and some softies = Pink Anthillia (spell) , green Sp ( cant remember/ spell), and maybe a small yellow toad stool. Hope my head cold gets better so I can think LOL.

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    Hey guys can we organize this better- I felt bad the huge colony of pink Anthelia that I brought was wasted. Since I had not planned on bringing him back home I had no place to put him safely, and rather than poison my whole tank I had no choice but to put him outside and let him die. What a WASTE!!

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    I believe the meeting was organized appropriately. If you would have announced you were just going to kill the coral someone would have taken it.

    I would like to thank Adam and Anthony as I learned some new ways to mount corals.

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