Good Afternoon!

I got a small shipment of fish in this week, along with expanding our SPS / LPS Frag sections. I still have several really nice looking trachyphyllia (open brain) in, three nice looking aussie plate corals and more. Follow the link at the bottom for the album I uploaded today for more!

Looking for sand? We have aquired 600# of sand. Compared to Agramax this is a whiter nice sized sand for reef tanks, starting at $1.00 a pound.

This weeks specials!
Mandarin Goby - $18.00
Six Line Wrasse - $15.00
Green Chromis - $5.00
Yellow Tangs - $28.00
Also Cardinal fish (orange lined, ochre) 15% off

We also have a large Queen Angel that is looking for a home. This thing is looking great, asking $135.00 this week. Normally it would be a $199+. Call for information and pictures.

For Dry goods:
Refractometers are 10% off

Here is what we got in this week:
Angel: Pygmy Fisher's
Tang: Scopas (sm)
Pseudochromis: Diadema
Urchin, Tuxedo
Goby: Watchman Blue Spotted
Mandarin: Green (Large)
Sally Lightfoot
Tang: Blue Eye Kole SMd
Wrasse: Secretive
Wrasse, Sixline
Butterfly: Pearlscale
Green Chromis

Latest Picture can be found on our site