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Thread: Road Trip CORA frag swap Sept. 16th 2012

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    There are swaps Oct 6 and 7 that are in central PA

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    I don't think we will be attending anymore swaps this year. The two coming up are almost 5 hours away and are the weekend after macna which 4 of our board members will be attending. Plus add in the swap we just attended, that adds up to a lot of stuff in a very short amount of time. If you guys want please feel free to attend these swaps and enjoy them. We as a whole though agreed that sponsoring swaps so close together wasn't in the best interest of the club.

    As for other swaps after those two, nov. thru feb is usually a very slow time for swaps because of weather conditions. Although I have heard that there could be a swap sometime in nov but nothing is concrete on that yet. I will keep everyone posted about that one. If it happens, I will def. plan a trip for it though.

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    We had a great time, thank you all for being so accommodating. I have a TON of amazing stuff from the trip, enjoying watching everything open up and get comfortable. Only one casualty and it was my own fault being to rough getting a small hammer off of a frag that was glued, it split. I will be good for quite I while unless I get a bigger tank!

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