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Thread: Raffle items for tonight's meeting - 9/15

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    Raffle items for tonight's meeting - 9/15

    Tonight's raffle items will be:
    MaxiJet 1200
    2 Instant Ocean Aquarium Care Packs with assorted food and additives
    ZooMed Food Packs
    AquaCraft Set of 9 additives
    PMASI t-shirt
    Dr. Tim's BioActive Pearls
    Clean-up crew packs from Dave's AquaStock

    Your donations are always welcome!!

    The member's raffle will be a $25 gift card to Elmer's.

    Also, tonight is the last chance to enter the raffle for FREE SCUBA CERTIFICATION plus 1/2 of your dive buddy's certification!!

    Tickets as always are only a dollar

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    Thank You to all that donated to tonights raffle.

    To the person who donated xenia can you please pm me what type it is? I just want to call it by the proper name.


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