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Thread: Liquidating for move out of State

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    Liquidating for move out of State

    I am moving out of State soon and need to break down my 125 gallon tank within two weeks. If you are interested in adding to your existing tank or in having a solid reserve of equipment and supplies, please call Steve @ 412-559-1017 or reach me via email: Located in Canonsburg, PA. For Sale:
    125 Gallon Reef Aquarium w/glass cover, cabinet: Coral, Fish, Invertebrates, & Accessories, 30 Gallon Aquarium, 10 Gallon Aquarium; Current: Orbit 4 x 96 (384 watts) lighting system, Berlin 250 Gal. Protein Skimmer, Aqua UV Sterilizer, Mag Pumps 700 Series, Power Heads, Heater, 5 Gallon sand/gravel, Additives (Iodine, Calcium Buffers, etc.), Misc Items (lights, supplies, etc. & more)

    Mushroom Coral (Very Large), Mushroom Coral (Large), Mushroom Coral (misc. frags), Yellow Polyps (Medium), Live Rock (~ 30 lbs), Skunk Clown, Yellow Damsel, Anthias, Misc red/blue/scarlet crabs, Misc Snails, Sea Urchins.

    Prefer to sell all together, but will consider partials - beginning with livestock for obvious reasons.

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    I'm interested in a mag pump and possibly power heads if you decide to part out later...

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    Hey man, how many anthias, how big are they, and how old? text or call me if you are selling them separately 724-841-9626

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    Right now, I will be liquidating all. Thanks for your inquiry. If something changes, I'll let you know

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    I am interested in mushroom and urchins.

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    thanks for all the help. All have been liquidated.

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    Closing this thread.

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