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Thread: Aiptasia Eradication

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    There are worse things than Aptasia to have in a tank also. I know they're unsightly, and can get out of control, and they were the lesser half of the reason why I tore down my tank to start over with bulkreef dry rock (the greater half being nuisance hair algae that IS a huge problem if it's out of control.) In my experience, if you use either kalk paste or lemon juice, you can experience some success. I had success sometimes with peppermint shrimp, and sometimes not. You do need to make sure that you get peppermints and not camel shrimp, but even then it's a 50-50 situation whether or not they actually try to eat the aptasia, a lot like the butterflies in that regard. Getting a healthy butterfly that will eat prepared foods can also be an issue. I guess that the bottom line is that there is no great way to deal with these pests, but there are a bunch of different options you can try and odds are that you'll be able to use one of them to at the very least get your tank back under control. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by acer View Post
    I don't suppose those butterflies will eat MOJO's.
    Actually, they will! With gusto!


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    hmmm - do I see a butterfly in my office tanks future??? Well I know that the Copperbanded did not eat them - that was before Anthony came over and informed me that they were not aptasia, but MOJO's.

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    Hi all,


    I just saw that That Fish Place has C. ulietensis showing in stock for $49.99. I believe they are giving us a discount this weekend on top of that. They don't show up all that often (at least in my experience) and the price seems quite reasonable to me.


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