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Thread: HELP . . . rhodactis mushroom problems.

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    Unhappy HELP . . . rhodactis mushroom problems.

    So the other day maybe 2 days ago i noticed my rhodactis mushroom starting to split in half. I was getting excited.

    Then i looked in there today and . . . Sadness over came me . . . starting where it was splitting into 2 pices it looked as tho it was discinagrateing.

    Is this normal??
    What should i do?

    Changes to the tank . . .

    No changes . . . athough . . my kenya tree did recently die. Could this have had a part in all of this?

    What should i do?

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    When mushrooms split, it's completely normal for them to shrivel up, but I wouldn't say disintegrate. Id bet that when the Kenya tree died, there was also something in the water that irritated the ric, causing it to split. Maybe there still is something in the water and that's what is killing it, do a few water changes and see if maybe it comes back. Mushrooms are known for being extremely hardy, so I wouldnt be too worried. But If it is actually melting, it might be too late.

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    Thank you. For your input it really helped i was thinking of doing a series of water changes this week because i thought it may be something like that. and hey it could help. WHo knows. THe one half looks like its completely gone however the other half seems as tho it moved away from the rock it was attached to. and it is curled up. . .. . PRAYING it keeps fighting.

    as for the kenya . . . yah as of now . . . i am counting it as dead. . . .

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