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Thread: Holiday Hours

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    Holiday Hours

    New Year's Eve - 12-8
    New Year's Day - 12-8

    We hope that you all have been having a great holiday season and will stop by to see us as we ring in 2011!

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    What do you carry in store? I was on your website and didn't see much listed for salt and was curious of your inventory as far as livestock and dry goods.

    Thanks in advance.

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    We are always expanding our saltwater selection and definitely need to update our web site! We are still about 90% freshwater but we are continually expanding. We just doubled our coral tank space and created a small system just for inverts. We are in the process of building 3 new racks to massively expand our space for fish and plan to build another rack to double our coral space again once the fish project is finished.

    We dip all corals that enter our store (no matter where they come from) in Coral RX and also Seachem Reef Dip. We quarantine all of our new fish(fresh and saltwater) for a minimum of 1 week to make sure that nothing pops up that needs to be treated. If it does - we treat it. Touchy specimens receive extra time for quarantine.

    For saltwater, we have been putting all fish through a medicated food cycle and also a Cupramine treatment during quarantine. We do not run our tanks at a low salinity to stave off parasites until you get them home. We run all of our tanks at 1.026 and feed high quality foods from the minute that the fish enter our tanks.

    We only purchase from suppliers who use hand/net catching and ethical practices. We buy no fish who have been acquired by cyanide, spearing, etc. We have many Aquacultured/Maricultured items and support companies who are trying to increase the tank raised selections.

    Just to give you a quick idea of what we have as far as saltwater...

    NLS Foods - Marine, Macro Feeder, Micro Feeder, Crustacean (basically almost all NLS foods)
    Algae Sheets (Ocean Nutrition & Omega One)
    Hikari Marine Food & Frozen foods
    Frozen H2O life reef, brine shrimp, krill, etc., etc.
    We are getting in a shipment of PE Mysis next week to check out. If we like it then we will carry that as well.

    Seachem - just about anything you could want including the full aqua vitro line (Salinity included)

    Aquatic Life is the majority of our lighting that we have in stock but we also carry/can get others.

    We also carry Instant Ocean Salt, Purple Up, Coral Frenzy(sold out right now though), Two Little Fishes Aqua Stik, etc etc. We only carry products that we have tested and know work as advertised. We continue to add more brands/products as we find those that we can honestly suggest to you.

    We are an authorized dealer of Reef Dynamics and JBJ as well. We do most items as special orders but only because we don't have room to keep everything in stock at this time. We are considering a second or larger location in the future so that we can stock even more items/livestock.

    I hope that this gives you an idea of what we are about and what you will find in our store now and in the future.

    Today's Livestock:

    Tank Raised Blue Hippo Tang
    Large Blue Hippo Tang
    Yellow Tang
    Green Bird Wrasse
    Royal Gramma
    Pair of ORA Picasso Clowns
    Tank Raised Black Ocellaris
    Tank Raised Ocellaris
    Gold Head Sleeper Gobies
    Lawnmower Blenny
    Disappearing Wrasse
    Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse
    Scooter Blenny
    Dwarf Lionfish
    Blue Spot Jawfish
    Clown Gobies
    Flaming Prawn Goby
    Green Chromis
    ORA Blue Neon Goby
    Pajama Cardinals
    Firefish Goby
    Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
    Peppermint Shrimp
    Anemone Crabs
    Various Snails & Hermits
    Etc Etc with more on the way next week

    lots of Zoanthids/Palys
    Neon Green Torch
    Kryptonite Caulastrea
    Open Brains
    Red Mushrooms
    Green Mushrooms
    Green Rhodactus
    Kenya Trees
    Cabbage Leather
    Star Polyps
    Various SPS
    Etc Etc Etc with way more on the way next week

    We also have LOTS of other stuff in the store(livestock and dry goods). I am just doing this all from memory. We also have a very large selection of freshwater, brackish, plants, etc.

    Have a great day!

    Stephanie & dave

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    Very excited to see your expansion! Thanks so much for the update too

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    We got free samples of PE Mysis at the last meeting in December, and I can say from my own experience that it is a quality product and probably worth carrying.

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