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Thread: Free Cheato

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    What else are people bringing? I have a 3G pico that needs more softies. I'm willing to buy or trade or try to win them in the raffle. Just let me know if you have anything to spare! And as an aside, this is entered in a pico contest and the top prize is $100 so if you help me win I'll split it with you!

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    Apparently my chaeto may have an aiptasia problem so I wanted to forewarn anyone that might be interested.

    Sorry Hermann

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    Id appreciate some if you have any to spare; I dont mind the aiptasia either.

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    i have chaeto with and without aptasia i will bring some and label the appropriatly! also anthony i have a a few rocks for you with aptasia

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    I have plenty to spare and will bring you some as well.

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    No problem Jeremy!

    A beauty: :-)
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