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Thread: Big dog, great seller

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    Big dog, great seller

    Here's the corals I got from him, great prices, great guy, great corals.Attachment 253Attachment 254Attachment 255Attachment 256Attachment 257

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    And this one.

    They were.. Purple tip Acro, tabling Acro, green slimer, Hollywood stunner chalice, and a bonsaii Acro.

    Attachment 258

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    Thanks Adam!

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    great prices, great guy, great corals.
    I'll second that. I've got quite a few pieces from him in my tank and most have adjusted well. My blue-tip has taken on a green/reddish base and glows blue from the tips. It's a nice piece and I've gotten great growth. I've unfortunately bleached a few but that's because I underestimated my lighting.

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    By the way, the tabling acro is a solitaryensis. The purple tip might be a granulosa, not sure. If you know, id love to find out. The others are a bit more obvious

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    Someone identified the blue tip as tortuosa but I am no good at identifying yet. Here's a pic
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    I need me some of those! Very nice corals!

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    I'll start looking at some torts to find something similar, Thanks!

    All is well with my recently purchased corals, the purple tip has neon green polyps at the base?! The bonsai is now purpling up since I put it at the highest point in my tank. I have LEDs.

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    After a while of looking for the name of this coral... I finally found it!!

    And here's the most recent pic of itAttachment 319

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