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Thread: 180 gal build-in tank

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    Thought you were waiting a year... or is that just for fish? When is the grand opening party?

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    As you know, it is hard to resist and everything is running since May ...
    Maybe I should through a little party. Are you bringing the good American light beer?

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    Since May the system is running. No major problems so far, even when I was out of town for three weeks.
    The water parameter are OK, I think...

    Temperature: 77F-78F
    Salinity: 1.025-1.026
    pH: 8.1-8.2
    NH4: <0.25
    No3: 0
    No2: 0
    Po4: 0
    Ca: average 450 ppm

    Test kits: Red Sea (Ca) & Salifert

    Water treatment:
    - R/O water
    - Tunze protein skimmer
    - no GFO, no carbon

    Inhabitants so far:
    - 3 x Peppermint shrimps
    - 1 x blue leg hermit crab (Hugo)
    - 1 x big turbo snail (big Berta)
    - Several Cerith snails & Nerite snails
    - 1 x Emerald crab
    - 3 x mini Serpent stars (hitchhiker)
    - Several bristle worms & spaghetti worms (hitchhiker)
    - Many other little critters which floating around and colonizing the rock

    By “accident” I also got some corals:
    - Geen slimmer
    - Yellow polyps
    - Green birdsnest
    - Green Velvet Acropora
    - Dendrophyllia fistula (?) (orange sun coral)
    - Green flowerpot coral
    - Green Briareum

    Fish: none so far (yes Bill, still no fish)

    Problems so far:
    - Algae grow after my three weeks return (manual removal & introducing a clean-up crew)
    - Start of bubble algae growth (introducing an Emerald crab)
    - Detectable Ammonium because of heavy feeding (sun coral), trying to compensate with more frequently water changes

    I am very proud that I was able to bring back the sun coral. I really believed I bought just a nice colored rock.
    The future will tell … if the coral will thrive.

    I am hoping to get a Profilux controller in the near future to be able to monitor the water parameter more closely.

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    Attachment 364

    flowerpot coral (?)

    Attachment 370

    Big Berta

    Attachment 366

    Attachment 367

    Yellow Polyps

    Attachment 369
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    update December 2012

    After having some success with a orange sun coral, I got a black one.
    Finally (after almost a week and now different location) the polyps are starting to open up.
    Let’s hope it will continue.
    Sorry, not the best pictures, but you are getting the idea …

    Orange Sun Coral:
    Attachment 401

    Attachment 402

    Black Sun Coral:
    Attachment 403

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    Feb 2013 update

    What's new?

    - Profilux Aquarium Computer with Touch
    - GHL Mitras LED
    - 5gal water change every day
    - Wheeler shrimp goby

    Still some problems with green hair algae (Bryopsis) and re hair algae (Asparagopsis sporophyte stage ?), but they are full of critters and my Mandarin is very happy.

    Recovered Yellow Tang from HILLE
    Attachment 417

    Attachment 418

    Control-Center (Profilux, Wavebox & Osmolator)
    Attachment 419

    ouside wall fishroom the GHL Touch
    Attachment 420

    Homemade probe-holder
    Attachment 421

    Mitras LED
    Attachment 422

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    my green monster
    Attachment 423

    frags from the meeting
    Attachment 424

    Attachment 425

    black sun coral
    Attachment 426

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    Wow, I am speechless! Awesome set up, only one I could ever dream of having.

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    Thanks KelliZachMOM!
    There is a reason while it took me so long to get this. It's all about money & time, but if you are patient you can get a lot used stuff for less money. Of cause there are compromises, always.
    And a small tank can be as beautiful as a big tank.

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