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Thread: 180 gal build-in tank

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    180 gal build-in tank

    After several years of planning and looking for reasonable prices for parts & tanks, here now some pictures from my 180 gal “build in” tank and the “fish-room”.
    In this way I would like to thank all club members who encouraged me to do this. Even though they might have thought sometimes that this will never ever happen.
    I learned a lot in all these years, even so I didn’t have a tank. I would like to thank especially Adam, Anthony, Bill and all the others who freely shared their knowledge.
    Well, I am not quite there, I still don’t have water in it! But hopefully that will change soon and I can start cycling the tank and seeding it.

    The facts:
    Display-tank:72” x 24” x 24”
    Sump I: 48” x 20” x 20” (used also as Refugium)
    Sump II: 36” x 18” x 18”
    Upstream Refugium: 48” x 18” x 21”
    Total system water volume: approx. 340 gal (net)

    Water movement:
    2 x Recirculation pumps
    1 x closed loop
    1 x Tunze Wavebox
    2 x Tunze Nannostream
    1 x Borneman Surge-Device in the upstream Refugium

    2 x T5’s for upstream Refugium
    1 x LED for Refugium in Sump I
    2 x GHL LED’s for DT (not sure about the lights yet. I am waiting for the release of the new GHL LED’s , or maybe one unit with a light mover and some LED strips)
    1 x dimmable blue LED strip for shadowbox

    Water purification: ANIT & KATI, RO
    Protein Skimmer: Tunze Master Doc

    Controller: GHL ProfiLux ( not yet purchased)

    Attachment 231
    Fish Room:
    Attachment 232
    Sink & some plumbing
    Attachment 233
    Attachment 234
    Plumbing under the sink
    Attachment 235
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    Looking good, seem's well thought out.

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    Very nice. I love fish rooms/basement sumps. Makes life so much easier.

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    That is looking pretty nice...

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    I'm amazed. I can't even put together a simple sump.

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    Looking good! I take it the tube sticking up in the middle of "Refugium II" is the surge device? Where does it flow into?

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    That is correct. It is connected to the display tank.

    Attachment 241
    from left to right: return sump II 3/4" pipe, return Refugium II (surge device), Tunze wavebox

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    Updates Herman? Are we ready for beer?

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    Not quite yet!
    I had a little issue with the overflow box.

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    I installed my 250W Halide (right side) and the 40W (max) 150 Kessil (left side)
    Actually, I like more the look of the LED because I think the “look” is more natural.
    However, I didn’t use any supplement lights with the Halide.
    My plan is to substitute both with the new GHL Mitras next year.
    We shall see …

    Front view:
    Attachment 305

    Back view:
    Attachment 304

    BTW, the shadow box is not installed yet.

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