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Thread: Visiting Baden/Cranberry area

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    Visiting Baden/Cranberry area


    I will be in town this weekend to visit my parents. They live in Baden. Any suggestions of LFS in the area? Also,there used to be a place in Greentree, is it till there? That was 20 years ago, so maybe not.


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    Dave's aquastock is in Ambridge. There is also aquaworld which is 15 min from ambridge.

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    Definately plan on stopping by Dave's Aquastock if you can, but keep in mind that he's only open until 3 pm on Sat., and I believe he's closed on Sunday. If you see something you like but can't take it with you because you aren't headed straight home, he will reserve it and deliever it to you for free at Saturday's meeting! I often have him bring me live stock and dry goods to the club. He never disappoints!

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