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    I got a 40B with 15G sump for a steal. This will be the first time I've set up the sump. I've got all the PVC and bulkheads and I ordered the rest of the pieces but I'm not sure how to set it up. Anyone interested in teaching the noob sometime in the near future?

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    Is the tank already drilled? What is the configuration?

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    It is already drilled.

    Here is the sump. I put in the baffles yesterday. It is drilled on the left side which you can see in the pic. I ordered a bulkhead for it from Glassholes and it should arrive any day now.

    Here is the tank. It's hard to see since I painted the back black but the drain is on the left and the return is on the right. I need to get some loc-line for the return but I think I have all the rest of the plumbing.

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    No one can help? I've tried to do this on my own and it's not working. I don't know if the plumbing is wrong or what. I guess I'll just give up.

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    What isn't working? Can you post up pics of the plumbing you have done so far? Then we can better guide you thru the steps.

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    My husband did the plumbing and it's against the wall now so I don't have pics. What he did was put an elbow from the bulkhead and then straight line with a ball valve to the sump. Once at the sump another elbow meets the blukhead on the sump where water flows into an elbow on the inside which I planned for it to direct water into a filter sock. The return pump is connected to a straight piece which is connected to an elbow and then another straight piece with a ball valve. And finally another elbow into the bulkhead where water returns to the display. I still need to get locline for that to direct flow in the DT. Every time we try to run it with water we get a bulkhead leak or water coming out of the vent on the top elbow. Then we turn off the return pump and water overflows the sump. I'm not sure if I need a stronger pump (guessing I do) and I'm not sure why the simple plumbing design doesn't seem to be functional at all.

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    The bulk head should not leak and should seal. Do you have the rubber o ring on the inside or outside?

    After the bulkhead I always use a T instead of a 90'. Try to take a pic. Any picture would help.

    If you are able to attend the meeting this Saturady. We can take a look at it. There will be plenty of "seasoned aquarist" willing to help.

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    Where are you located? If someone is local to you might be easier to have someone stop by.

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    I'm in Elizabeth, just down 48 from Monroeville. I'll see if I can get pics before the meeting.

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