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Thread: drilling tanks

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    drilling tanks

    do you guys offer this service? if so what is your pricing and such? i was contemplating of the idea of having a 40B sump drilled for a return.


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    Hi George,
    To drill a hole in your tank it will cost $35 any size up to a 1.5" bulkhead that one is $40. Most of our employees can drill a tank, if we're not too busy we can get it done for you in 5-10 minutes depending on thickness. Also, be careful of tempered tanks, we suggest you find out before brining your tank in. usually we will be able to tell by brand and glass thickness. If you want to do a at home test you can put the tank in the sun and look at it with an angle with polarized sunglasses. If it is tempered you will see a waffle design. If you ever wore polarized sunglasses on a sunny day and look at the rear windshield of a car and see the waffle design that is what you are looking for. Our tank cracking rate is less than 0.5% and if we somehow cracked your tank we will supply another, unless it is cracked due to tempered glass.

    Thank You,

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