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Thread: Chinese 120w dimmable fixture

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    Chinese 120w dimmable fixture

    I have bought a 120w dimmable led fixture and just wanted to tell everyone to get it if your looking for a budget reef led. I got it bidding style for 160 or so on eBay. It gives a nice shimmer effect to my water and the Acro's seem to love it. I'd post pics of it but I can't take any good ones for some reason. If you have ever heard of the taotronics fixtures, this is much like them, but dimmable. They are made to be controller compatible, but by bypassing the dimmers, you can add a potentiometer which will allow you to. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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    What's the temp/color ratios and PAR values? What's the heatsink size?

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    White- 16000k to 20000k
    Blue- 460 nm

    I think the heat sink is about an inch thick, I can't see it/ it doesn't say anything in the description about it.

    There is someone on the forum named mr. X who measures it and says it gives off about as much as a 400w metal halide if I remember correctly.

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    Here is a video review I made of it in action.. Hopefully it helps!

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    Cool, those temps should give awesome color! I have 12k white LEDs right now and 445nm blue and I'd like to find some 20k white to add for better color. I have magenta but I'd like to add UV and some cool blue/royal blue and some other different temps to give the best natural look I can. What is the width and length of the heatsink? I'm wondering if this would even fit in my hood.

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    Ya I love the glow I get from the corals. I have heard some negative things about uv, I'm not very familiar with them though. I'm not able to see what size the heat sink is unless I take the fixture apart but the fixture is 400mm x 212mm x 62mm.

  7. #7 here is a little thing I wrote that deals with this fixture.. If anyone is thinking about getting one
    and this changes your decision, don't let it. It's all theory right now and Ive seen some nice tanks with these fixtures on them, remarkable growth in sps corals. I'm no professional

    Also, here's some par readings..
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