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Thread: March 17th Meeting

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    March 17th Meeting

    This month we have a fun and informative demonstration covering simple techniques for cutting and sealing glass to make refugia, sumps/partitions, overflow boxes and aquaria! There will also be a glass drilling lesson (the club owns bits as well to share, with arrangement by the board). You can even cut samples of glass and feel what its like to drill, if you'd like. Time allowing, we will also discuss making saltwater ponds, double walled* plywood aquaria and more!

    When: March 17 @6pm
    Where: Comfort Inn - Rodi Road / Monroeville
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    Member's Raffle for the meeting this evening will be a $50 Reefs 2 Go Gift Card - we also cherry picked a few nice items for tonight's raffle!!
    Hope to see you this evening with green on!

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