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Thread: Beginning of the End - Getting out

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    Beginning of the End - Getting out

    This has been a long time coming, but I have decided that I have no longer have any interest in reefing. I am going to start to take down my tanks one at a time.

    I am starting with my 180 and will start selling corals first and then the rock/sand tank and equipment.

    I will have pictures of the corals I have left up tomorrow afternoon.

    Ray Nist

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    Sorry to hear ray, we all at some point get tired of hobbies. I have a friend setting up a 125 that would probably be interested in most of your stuff, ie: rock, sand, equipment and so on.

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    That would work.

    I could get rid of most of the rock right now. There are some corals on some of it, but I could move them to another tank. I really want to take down the 180. There is a small possibility I will keep one of my smaller tanks going.

    Rock will be $2 a pound, there is probably 100 lbs. sand will be $1 per 2lb. Probably have 150 lbs.

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    PM sent

    Would really like some of that Rock

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    Im looking for live rock. im new to the pmas and not really sure how to get a hold of anyone?

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