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Thread: Might need help preventing a crash here...

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    Yeah - that could very well be it - I'm wondering why the Monti's were hit so hard in particular... Do they have a history of being more sensitive to changes in water conditions? I always thought that the opposite was true...

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    Could stray voltage be an issue?

    I picked up a multimeter yesterday and my sump reads between 3 and 4 volts... Every time I unplug one of the pumps/powerheads the voltage is reduced by .5 volts (there are 3 pumps)... With everything off it still read 1.5 volts (and with the probes removed just loose int the air read .5 volts, so maybe there is a calibration issue?)

    Is 3-4 volts a "good" number (everyone says that "0" is ideal, but I can't even get that when testing thin air)?

    By my own admission, I am electrically stupid and after researching on the 'net for an hour, I can't find one good idiots guide for testing this stuff...

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