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Thread: Purple and green aussie Duncan..Anyone wanna split

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    Purple and green aussie Duncan..Anyone wanna split

    Anyone wanna go in on this LOVE to get this but I dont want this big of one..looks like it could be made up into 5 frags. after shipping
    if we got 5 people to want a frag would be $35 a person
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    I'll do one and if it gets close maybe 2 portions, let me know! Oh hell make it 2 ..............

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    maybe if enough people are into it by tomorrow I will order it..All i want is just one of the branches with 3 heads and thats it.

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    I'll take 3 heads also.

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    So we got 2 people in
    If I get enough interest and I order tomorrow. Should have it thursday or friday. Then I could bring frags to meeting
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    Ok i made the order

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    If you need another person to take a frag let me know.

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    ok..I will let you know

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    good thing this was a divers den and not one of those rip off designer name guys who take the same coral and then charge you $75 a head cause they threw name tyree on it or any of the other ones that add a name then triple the price tag.

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    the Duncan came in and my GF put it in my sump for me..I will post pics when i get home

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