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Thread: ULTRA RARE White Cap Goby Pair has landed!!! + New stuff

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    ULTRA RARE White Cap Goby Pair has landed!!! + New stuff

    Has anyone ever seen these amazing gobies (Lotilia graciliosa)? They used to retail at $1000 a year ago, we are truly gifted to have these in our store. We have 2 of them and one is paired with a shrimp. Enjoy the pictures!!

    We are also getting 4 saltwater shipments this week.
    First - Landed today - White cap gobies, Black Clown Gobies, Maze Brains, Ultra Wild Acro, Fiji Gold Leathers and more!

    Second - Lands tomorrow - Stocking up our fish only tanks!!

    Third - Thursday Arrival - Cherry Picked corals! Will be getting some great corals that I personally hand picked!

    Fourth - Friday Arrival - Brown Octopus, Peacock Mantis, Moorish Idols, Blue Spotted Stingray, Leathers, Mushrooms, Neon Green Bubbles, Candy Cane, Neon Green Canday cane, and a few surprises!!!!

    Feel free to PM me with any questions!
    Check out our other thread that we just posted up with growth picture updates on the ReefTech LEDs.
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    wow! That is stunning!! I have been drooling over pics of them for a long time. Nice score, Dave!

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