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Thread: Taking down frag tank lots for sale!

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    Taking down frag tank lots for sale!

    Hey guys,

    With the birth of my son coming soon, it is time for me to take down my frag system. I just will not have the time to maintain it the way it should.

    I live in Upper st Clair about 5 minutes from South hills Village.

    here is a list of stuff and pictures will follow this weekend:

    Frag system $600:

    48" X36" X12" glass cages frag tank or shallow reef

    Powder coated steel stand

    30 breeder Refugium/anemone tank/ qt fish tank, what ever you want to use it for.

    40 breeder sump

    iwaki 70 pump to run the system

    Euroreef 6s6-1 protein skimmer

    48" sunlight supply sunblaze 44 (4) bulb unit. This will keep softies, but you will need to add another if you are going to keep LPS and SPS

    24" sunblaze for refugium 4 bulb

    300 watt finex digital heater

    System is plumbed ,but can be taken apart easily. You must pick up and bring friends to lift it. It is very heavy. I hurt my elbow in a car accident and will not be able to lift it.

    $600 for the entire system

    I also have a

    Atmospheric Controller Air-1 $75

    2 Vertex UF-20 Universal Media Filter running in tandem. $150 for both.

    1 Vetex Vertex RX6 Duo Calcium Reactor with aquarium plants regulator,check valve and 20 LB CO2 tank filled. $400 for all

    And also some softies that I need to clear out before I can take the whole system down. Pictures will come this weekend $10-$40 corals

    Last I have a :

    This is a massive pump for running multiple tanks,systems,ponds. $150

    Please feel free to email me with any questions


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    Sorry for the delay, I will have pictures up in the next couple days.



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    All the livestock is sold. Still have lots of nice equipment.


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    All the livestock is sold. Still have lots of nice equipment.


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