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Thread: Thank you to our PMASI Mega Raffle Sponsors!

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    Thumbs up Thank you to our PMASI Mega Raffle Sponsors!

    The following is a list of sponsors who donated items for our mega raffle. Please let them know how much we appreciate their generosity. Several members have posted to the companys' facebook pages, forums, etc.

    Air Water Ice
    Aqua Craft
    Aquatic Life
    Aquatic Technology
    Aquaworld (Local Store)
    Boston Aqua Farms
    Boyd Enterprises
    Bulk Reef Supply
    Champion Lighting & Supply
    Coral Frenzy
    Coral Magazine
    Daveís Aqua Stock (Local Store)
    Dr. Timís Aquatics
    Doctors Foster & Smith
    DTís Phytoplankton
    Ecological Labs
    Genesis Reef Systems
    HBH Pet
    Lifegard Aquatics
    Ocean Nutrition
    Oceanís Blend
    Piscine Energetics
    Premium Aquatics
    Rapid LED
    Reef Gently
    Rodís Food
    San Francisco Bay Brand
    TLC Products
    United Pet Group (Instant Ocean, Tetra, Marineland)
    UV Lighting
    Wet Pets and Friends (Local Store)

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    Thanks for making this list, Amanda! I'd encourage members to (please) make the small effort to go to sponsors websites or FB pages and give thanks. This will go very far to help us next year, beyond giving proper thanks.

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