To raise some excitement for the Fall/End_of_year meetings we've decided to have a small contest for each meeting. The person who submits the best idea for using $200 to the benefit of the club and its members will have their idea carried out to the best of our ability. Try to be creative and have fun!


1 - Keep it under $200
2 - Keep it legal, at least by PA standards
3 - Make it beneficial to the members who attend the meeting -or-
4 - Make it beneficial to the reefkeeping community in general

I will make a post in the general section for each meeting. Post your idea there, or email me. You may choose to be anonymous (other than to me) or be heaped with glory if your idea wins. You can certainly suggest a donation to a favorite (hobby related) cause if you prefer. If the top idea doesn't take $200 we may try to fit in a second one.

Good luck!