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Thread: 2012 speaker and meeting topic suggestions

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    2012 speaker and meeting topic suggestions

    Hi all,

    We are looking for suggestions for next year's schedule. We need to know if there are any speakers that you are interested in hearing or topics you would like to cover.

    Below are some ideas to get the discussion started. Please feel free to post your own ideas.

    Speaker ideas:

    Mitch Carl (has spoken here before, runs aquarium at Henry Dorley Zoo in Omaha)
    Joe Burger (was supposed to speak here in 2011 on automation)
    Bob Fenner (Really, do you have to ask?)
    Charles Delbeek (Again, if you don't know...)
    Bob Snowden (From our own PPG aquarium. Always does a great talk)

    Julian Sprung (in conjunction with one of his visits to TFP)
    Bob Fenner
    Justin Credebel
    Dan Riegel (NCPARS)
    Kelly Jedlicki
    Eric Borneman
    Matt Wittenrich
    Ron Shimek
    Sandy Shoup

    Workshop/discussion ideas:

    Coral fragmentation (A given. There should always be one of these)
    Virtual tank tours
    Real life tank tours
    Store tours
    Zoo visit


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    Matthew Peterson from MBI

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    Scott Fellman is also a great speaker.

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    LED is still a MAJOR topic
    I second Matt or any MBI members

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    I update the original list with some suggestions made at a recent board meeting. Anthony and I will start working on actually getting a few of them to visit soon.


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    I like to here from Scott Fellman

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    This idea has probably been done before my time with PMAS, and maybe it is something that could just be shoehorn'ed into a different chemistry or maintenance talk, but what about something having to do with water parameter testing? Test kit capabilities, how to use properly, how to interpret readings, test frequency, how to test properly, ect...

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    excellent suggestions Bill! We'll see if we can make that work in the schedule.

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    I would like that testing one. To be honest i'm still new to this. And our these meetings open to all members, because as of right now i'm only a forum user member

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    Our meetings are open to the public. Please feel welcome to join us!

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