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Thread: Leaky Aquarium

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    Leaky Aquarium

    I just bought a new (used) aquarium with a built-in overflow. It wasn't until I had it home and completely filled that I realized that the return line in the overflow was leaking. I'm not horrible at plumbing so it wouldn't have been much trouble to replace the seal, but everything is fused together so tight that it's not coming off without breaking it. I should know, I broke it.

    Right now the hard pipe coming up is broken around 6 inches from the top, but still more than enough to work with. Below the tank the nut on the bulkhead is half way stripped. All that and I never did manage to get everything apart and replace the seal.

    Is there anyone out there who has experience with this that can offer advice or even help me fix it? I live in Robinson Township and this is a 75 gallon tank. If you need any more details, please let me know by replying here or sending me an email.


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    Can you post a picture or two of the problem area?

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    Sorry I never responded back to this. It turned out that the bulkhead just needed to be resealed. However, I've never had bulkheads before, didn't realize there was a nut right under the glass, and the only way you could get to it the way the stand is made is to drain the aquarium and move it so it's hanging off the stand a little.

    A 5 minute fix with a day's worth of overhead...

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