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Thread: Fish Food Recipies

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    Fish Food Recipies

    I figured I would start a post to add a few general recipes for frozen foods. Please feel free to add your own if you have one, or ask questions.

    Here is a link to Steven Pro's reefkeepers post on his:
    Fish Food Recipe

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    For the meeting, we used:
    2 pounds of sardines (smelts or silversides of marine origin would work too)
    1 pound of whole, uncooked, shell-on shrimp (krill would be a good substitute)
    1 pound of squid
    1 pound of clam meat
    10 sheets of nori seaweed
    4 ounces of flying fish roe
    1 bottle of Boyd's Vita-Chem
    1 bottle of Selcon

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    I wish I could have made it- church home group picnic at my house- at least we had could weather. If anybody got some of "Steve's food" that they don't want or cant use - let me know.

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