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Thread: PMASI Picnic - June 18th

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    My wife will be able to get out of work earlier than planned so we will be able to make it, I will make cottage potatoes.

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    My TBD has been determined to be a Sundae bar...
    French Vanilla Ice Cream
    Vanilla/Chocolate Ice Cream
    Cookies and Cream Ice Cream
    Waffle Cones, Waffle Bowls, A few sugar cones
    Chocolate, Fudge, Caramel and Strawberry toppings, nuts, sprinkles, M&M minis, Whipped Cream and if I remember to stop on the way to the party... cherries.

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    since nobody mentioned it, i will probably bring a meat and cheese tray. I worked today so i'm have to pick up something quick.

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    I just want to say how nice the picnic was today, I know the hard work that goes into a event like this, and it was very much so appreciated.

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    I have to agree with high-mark.
    I couldn't have said it better by myself. Thanks for a nice afternoon & evening!!

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    Many thanks to Adam for hosting, and thanks to everyone who brought something, and to everyone who participated! I had a great time.

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    Hi everyone!

    Thanks to everyone who made it to the picnic and helped make it such a great time. All of the side dishes and desserts garnered lots of kudos! Deep fried, bacon wrapped tater-tots may be my new favorite food! I have a few serving dishes that were left. I will bring them to the next meeting.

    Extra thanks go to Bill, Sam and Sharon for coming early to help set up and to Bill, Kimberly, Steve and Scott for helping with clean up. It really helped lighten the load. Most of all, to Lauren for all she did and for tolerating such shenanigans at our house to begin with.

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    Wonderful food and great people make for a good time- wish we weren't late and good have stayed longer.

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