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Thread: PMASI Picnic - June 18th

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    I will be there with my wife and daughter.

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    Regrets. :-/ Have to do some traveling that day. Maybe next year... Have fun, all!

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    We will attend.
    Planing to bring dessert or salad.
    (Because it is the birthday of my wife, I might bring same candles too! :-) )

    Q & Hermann

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    I'm coming but I don't know what I'll be bringing yet...

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    Sorry, I won't be able to make it.

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    Well since I could walk to adams from my house I will be there!!!

    Will be Me, my wife and daughter, shes only 16 weeks so just put her down for a half rack of ribs!! haha
    I will bring a fruit salad of some sorts.

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    Greg Rice and I will be there with some coleslaw and chicken salad.

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    Bob Nell and Janis will be there with something.

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    I won't be able to make it.

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    Larry and I will be there, I will bring a mango salsa or taco dip. There are a few chips and salsa type items so if I should bring something else send me a text. Thanks.

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