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Thread: For Sale Deltec AP 702 external Protein skimmer

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    For Sale Deltec AP 702 external Protein skimmer

    Hey Everyone,

    I have a used Deltec AP 702 External Protein skimmer for sale, with Avast swabbie self cleaning head.

    The reason I am getting rid of it is that it is way too big for my tank. It works great and have never had any problem. It is to big to ship so local pickup only.

    I paid $1,750 + $150 for the self cleaning head.

    Price is $800

    If you are interested shoot me an email

    Here is the info on it:

    The AP702 Protein Skimmer a high performance model for aquariums from 1500 to 2000 lts but small enough to fit in most cabinets.

    It incorporates the patented "Neuhaus" Pinwheel system in two modified Eheim 1260 pumps, resulting in unsurpassed skimming performance.

    Air is drawn in automatically through an air intake adaptor. The rotation of the water/air mixture provides a long contact time with the pollutants resulting in a highly efficient performance. The extremely fine water/air mixture is pumped into the contact tube, where it rises and is collected in a removable cup at the top of the skimmer.

    The AP702 produces a maximum level of air of 1400 lts per hour.

    Technical Data:

    For US 110V specifications please visit our D-D USA section of the web site
    AP702 Skimmer : Article No. 88004
    Can be stood either in or beside a sump or beside the aquarium.
    Can be gravity or pump fed (supply pump not supplied).
    Water throughput - 2300 lts/hr, (511 UK gallons/hr).
    Installation kit - item 88053 (pump not included).
    Self cleaning head - Item 88101 (increases performance by 20%)
    1400 litres of air/hr are produced at the venturi.


    L 480mm W 480mm H 600mm (allowing for removal of the cup).
    Hard pipe connections - Supply - 32mm Return - 50mm
    Skimmer body - 250mm diameter
    Riser tube - 140mm diameter


    Normal Stocking 2000 lts (444 UK gallons)
    Heavy Stocking 1500 lts (333 UK gallons)

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    Do you have the retro lid or the universal swabbie lid?

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    I have the universal lid and it fits like a glove. I also have the old lid for the skimmer which can be sent to avast and they mount the motor in it.


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    Would you consider selling teh swabbie lid alone?

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    Sorry, Only selling as a package.



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    Sold Please Close



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