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Thread: PMASI Road Trip April 9th

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    PMASI Road Trip April 9th

    Hello all. Planning for our next PMASI trip is in progress. It will be to the 18th All-Ohio Coral Frag Swap on April 9th 2011.

    Below is the schedule for the day:

    • Meet at the parking lot across from Kings in Cranberry TWP.
    • Depart from Cranberry TWP no later than 8:30am
    • Arrive at the swap by 11:00am
    • Leave swap around 1:30pm
    • Lunch
    • Meet at Aquatic Technology at 2:30pm
    • Leave Aquatic Technology by 3:30pm
    • Arrive at Salty Critter at 4:15pm
    • Dinner
    • Leave for Cranberry TWP

    Have the benefit of a great swap and share stories with other fellow reefers! Hope to see you there!

    Please post below if you are able to attend and how many people you will be bringing.

    Also indicate if you are able to be a driver for the event. Drivers will be reimbursed $75.00 by PMASI for participating in the whole trip.

    Dave & Amanda
    George & Christie
    Stacy +1 (d)
    Bill and Theresa (d)
    Mark (goofball310)

    Fine Print: Must participate in the pre-determined itinerary
    Cars must be full (comfortably so, we don't have to play sardines)
    We leave on time. If you have to drive yourself because you're late, you lose.
    Members only. Please join in advance
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    I am in and can drive

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    Amanda and I are in

    For those not familiar with the swap, its as you see the 18th! one. They always have a great turnout. Its listed on so you can preview and reserve items before hand to make it a lot easier. If you need help with fragswapper let us know.

    The addresses are as follows:
    North Olmsted Community Cabin
    28114 Lorain Road
    North Olmstead, OH

    Aquatic Technologies
    26966 Royalton Road
    Columbia Station, OH

    Salty Critter
    4809 Liberty Avenue,
    Vermilion, OH
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    This is the parking lot to meet as stated above.

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    I'm going up with a friend of mine Friday night to tear the roof off Cleveland and staying at the Renaissance. I can meet up with you guys when u gEt to the swap.

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    I am in - registered on Fragswapper, will be taking my truck- but also may have one kid for sure and maybe two kids with me. So, not much room for passengers. However, could help with transport of any dry-goods that anyone is selling or buying.

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    Christie and I should be attending.

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    OK - definitely have room one one rider - it will have to be in the back seat of the extended cab truck though - unless your larger than my 15 y.o= 5'10 ' and 175 pounds - ya he is eating me out of "house and home". If your bigger than he is then we can gang up on him and kick him to the back- LOL . I will probably use an inverted for power to run an air pump/heater to a 20 gallon Rubbermade behind the drivers seat to keep frags healthy (both to the swap and back again) that the rider is welcome to use as well. Please contact me to work out details if you wish to ride with us. Is the meeting spot behind the Krispy Kreme?

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    Yes Ted its next to / behind KK. Donuts..yummm

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    hey everyone, just wanted to say i'm in for the trip on the 9th, i'll also have my boyfriend with me n i can drive too if need be.

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