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Thread: IS there anybody out there?

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    IS there anybody out there?

    That is a great line in an old song from Pink Floyd for all you youngsters out there.

    Anyhow- figured I would try to get some activity here on the website again.

    Also wanted to share a weird circumstance: It appears that my Firefox browser was preventing me from rejoining the club and/or starting a new thread/or even posting on the PMASI website for the past few weeks and maybe longer - I thought the website was not working when it may have been an issue on my side the whole time. Jamie's wife was nice enough to help me rejoin by sending me a link to the area on the website which then shows you a link to rejoin after I told him I was unable to join remotely. I clicked on the link Jamie's wife send to me and I still had no way to join because on the PMASI website the link that your supposed to click on, that then allows you the pay to join, did not show up until I switched over from Firefox to Chrome. So, if anybody else is having issues with this website- maybe its because your using Firefox like I was.

    Anyhow- I thought maybe someone else may have the same issue and by posting this I could help them avoid the headache that I was having.

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    hmmm - very quiet inactive group - lets see if we can change that!

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