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Thread: Moving tanks hanging out and free swag

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    Moving tanks hanging out and free swag

    Yesterday club members got together to move a members 120 out and to move in a 250 Deep Dimension Starfire glass. He offered up for free a absolute ton of gear to anyone who wanted it at the last club meeting. Everything that had not been given out was to be taken when we were finished setting up the new master piece.

    There were countless pumps and power heads, protien skimmers, multiple T5 and metal halide set ups, hundreds of pound of live rock and live sand including some fantastic branches, tanks sumps and stands, bags and bags of macna and hobby related swag and gear, filters, media and the list goes on and on. People went home with entire working systems.

    This wasn't some elite clique of long term members. One of the people who came was a new members who's first meeting was a week or two ago. Came to help out and left with a thousand bucks of gear. I just went out to move a tank and pick up a refugium light and left with my truck bed jambed full.

    This is what it's all about folks helping, learning, teaching, networking, socializing and suporting each other.
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    That sounds great !!! I wish it was posted on the forum or Reef central- I understand it was for members only- as it should have been. However, posting the activity would have motivated people to join the club. I have been meaning to rejoin the club for a few months now- just have difficulty getting to Sat evening club meetings - which is my issue and nobody else's. SO, I should probably just join remotely on the website.

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    Dude I totally agree with spreading the word and having more activities than just once a month Saturdy meetings. I believe moving forward. we as a club and as individuals need to reach out more and bring people together. We need more dedicated people to pick up the torch and to move the club ahead.

    Obviously the website has had issues and has been down recently. The issue has been corrected and a new page is in the works. As far as renewing membership or new members signing up, the easiest way is to follow the link on the page here.

    There are still dedicated members who are dedicated to not only reviving, but to growing the club. I hope to see you around.
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