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Thread: Lots of Coral for Sale

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    Lots of Coral for Sale

    Hey everyone - I am going to be moving in a couple months and setting up a new tank at my new place. Until that time, i am going to set up a temporary frag tank to keep the corals that I want, and sell everything else.

    I have a little bit of everything and just looking to get rid of it so I can give you some great deals depending on what you want. Lots of zoas and LPS and SPS. I attached a few pics of my 125 gallon from a couple months ago. Please get in touch if you want specifics and want to come over to check things out. Looking to get rid of the fish as well if you are interested! Text works great too - 724-309-3401



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    Hi Jeff, I am setting up a new reef - this weekend, SO will be looking for some frags and fish ( depends on what you have) as soon as my system cycles. I will be in touch.

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    Sounds good acer, let me know when you are ready.

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    Hi, the recent power outage fried my jets and stopped my filters so alot of my stuff died. Depending on the cost I would be interested in corals and fish. Have you figured out your pricing yet? If so what is it?

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    Hi, I'm new to the forum and caring for a salt water tank. I had it set up about 1.5 months now by the leading fish store here. I have live rock, hermits and snails so far. My place gets warm any suggestions on a chiller. I have red sea 34 gallon tank.

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    OK tank ready for livestock. Let me know.

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    Acer - Great to hear. Send me a text or call and we can work it out. Thanks 724-309-3401.

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