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Thread: WTB frags stylophora, monti, zoas, etc.

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    WTB frags stylophora, monti, zoas, etc.

    I'm relatively new to the saltwater hobby, about a year now and have mastered keeping LPS and other corals in my 10 gallon nano. I'm thinking about trying out some easier SPS corals and wanted to see if anyone had any frags they were willing to sell for a reasonable price. I'm finding that other reefers have better selections/prices than the stores here.

    I'm interested in stylophoras, monti digis, monti encrusting, birdsnest, cool zoas etc. But honestly I love just looking at what people have. I live in oakland and can drive out to a reasonable distance. PM me and let me know if you have anything! Thanks!

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    Will you be at the meeting Saturday? I have some birdsnest and ricordia i can give you

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    i can make some small acro frags for you, and i can give a try at fragging my orange digi if you like.

    i also have purple and red plating monti if you're interested, and a load of hollywood stunner chalice. PM me if you're interested, and i can let you know what i can frag with some pics.

    i'm in baldwin, so not too far from you.

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    ebabavaj- I think I will come this Saturday. I'll be the Asian kid who no one recognizes haha. My name's Justin. A birdsnest would be cool to try out. I already have a ricordea.

    mondo- I'm actually recently decided to go to the fragswap conference so I think I'm gonna check out some things there. I'm kind of intimidated to try any acro, I've heard they are harder and I'm not sure my nano is stable enough. I think I'm gonna be there at the Saturday meeting though. Thanks so much for the offer though!
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    they're not too bad, i'm sure you'll be in to the "fuzzy sticks" soon enough.

    if you ever change your mind, just shoot me a PM. i tend to frag stuff regularly, often by accident while cleaning, so i usually have some small pieces around.

    good luck!

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    Ok, see you Saturday Justin. My name's Stacey.

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