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Thread: Rose BTA + Frags FS FT

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    Rose BTA + Frags FS FT

    Fellow Aquarists,

    My Rose BTA recently split and have a large 5''-6'' one to sell for $40 or trade for a nice frag. I also have numerous kinds of frags FS or FT. Here is a list of just some of what I have:

    - Rosa BTA (5''-6'') $40

    - Purple/Grey Montipora cap Plate (1''-8'', Easy Super-Fast Growing) Free-$15
    - Peach Montipora Digis (1''-6'',Easy Super-Fast Growing ) Free-$20
    - Red Rusty Montipora Digis (1''-8'', Easy Super-Fast Growing) Free-$25
    - Dark Green/Purple Tip Acropora Stag Slimers (1''-4'') $10-$35
    - Rainbow Montipora (1''-2'' frags) $20-$40
    - Tyree LE Sunset Montipora (Small 1/2''-1'' frag) $15
    - Acropora valida ORA tricolor (1''-2'' frag) $40
    - Acropora valida tricolor (2 different varieties I can frag, 1''-2'') $20
    - ORA Stuber Acropora (Forest green w/ sky blue tips, 2 frags, 2'', 4'') $35-$50
    - Bali Green Slimer Acropora (one 2'' frag) $40
    - Acropora horrida (2 small 1'' frags) $10
    - Purple Acropora formosa (Can frag a 1'' frag) $40
    - ORA Blue Voodoo (2'' frag) $50
    - Green Stylophora (3'' frag) $45
    - Purple Stylophora (Numerous Nice Sized Mini-Colonies 4''-5'') $35-$50

    - Pink/Purple Chalice (2 3'' frags) $20
    - Green/Purple Frogspawn (1-3 polyp frags w/ numerous new polyps growing rapidly) $15-$35

    Soft Corals
    - Yellow Figi Toadstools, Sarcophyton elegans (4 3''-4'' frags) $15-$20
    - Sinularia, Capnella, Nepthea (4-5 3''-4'' frags) $10
    - Red Sea Pom-Pom Xenia (Numerous frags 2''-5'') Free-$15
    - Green Xenia, Free-$10
    - Green Star Polyps, Free-$5

    - 8+ Types of Colorful Zoanthids (1''-4'' frags) $20-$30

    I'm very loose on the prices. The more you buy or trade the better the deal I will do. For pics please PM me with the frags your interested in and I'll do my best to send you one. If you just want to come over and look at what I have in person before deciding on anything even if you decide not to buy anything please do! I'm happy to show you my setup and what I have. I live in Upper St. Clair and am available on most weekdays and weekends after 4:00.

    Jon R.

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    Wow some good stuff there. Unfortunatly I am not reaady to jump on the opportunity, getting ready to set up a 90gallon and will be looking to in the future so hopefully youll be around for awhile!

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    I'm interested in checking out your stuff
    I need a few new corals
    Pm me with details

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    I would love some green star polyps. If you will be at the meeting tomorrow, please bring me the largest frag you've got. Thanks!

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    Where are you located?

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