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Thread: new Jebao RW-8 pump. MP10 style pump

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    new Jebao RW-8 pump. MP10 style pump

    Here are some quick shots next to the WP25

    As you can see its just a tad shorter then the WP25. but the mouth is much larger opening. It basically looks like a MP10 in a little cradle as the whole unit in the tank instead of half/half.
    You can only adjust the unit up and down no more 360 style like the old unit. It is dead silent even on full power.
    The control box gives you more control then the old unit. as you now have 8 levels of power control instead of 3 so you can use it in smaller tanks and not blow up a huge sand storm.
    I find it to be more visual appealing looking in the tank over the WP25.
    The flow definetly seems to be a bit wider and doesnt push as far and narrow.
    I can have it set to full power on else mode and it doesnt blow my sand all over on the other side of tank but its still giving very powerful flow all over in the tank and it does seem to cover a larger area and not as much of a jet like.
    In W1 mode it seems to make my GSP swing back and forth more forcefully as it is pushing water harder in a wall and pulling harder creating a stronger undertow it seems.
    overall for the price i paid was $101 shipped and once it hits amazon I will bet around $70 its EXCELLENT. I would have no need to want a MP10 over this. It has wide flow like it. Pushes 500gph more and is dead silent. Sure its not as neat having the motor on outside. but at almost 3rd price I dont mind.

    The control box itself feels a bit cheap like the old one but it does the job it needs and has more flexibility then the previous one so thats a win to me. I think these 2 units the RW-8 and RW-15 are really going to give vortech a run now. They have the same design of the pump with the wide flow just dont have the motor outside but they are pushing water the same way now and little more then the compared respected model. I was running a Tunze 6015 with my WP25 to fill in dead spots in back of tank but I dont think i need it with this pump with its wider flow and stronger undertow it seems to be making.
    its still processing so it only shows 360p it will be 2k quality when its done

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