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Thread: Looking to upgrade

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    Looking to upgrade

    My wife has decided that reef tank looks so nice she would like to have it in the living room rather than my workshop. The current 30 gallon tank is old with peeling silicone and it is on an open steel stand, far from childproof, so it is upgrade time! I am leaning towards a 50 breeder but could go as big as a 75 if I can get a good price on it. Does anyone have tanks and/or stands of those dimensions that they would like to sell?


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    if you're looking to go way larger i have a 150ish gallon Oceanic with black wood stand and canopy in my basement.

    Starphire front panel.

    it is a 6 foot long tank. dual overflows.

    i'm looking for $1100 for the stand, tank, return pump, and canopy. you haul.

    i know it is a tad larger than you're looking for, but figured i would offer it up.

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    That's a bit too big for me. I can sneak a 75 in when a 50 was approved, but a 150 is beyond my limits of obfuscation. Too much tank for my little house. Thanks for the offer though.

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    Try Anthony Calfo he has some tanks for sale

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