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Thread: HUGE SHIPMENT COMING IN! Inquire within.

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    HUGE SHIPMENT COMING IN! Inquire within.

    We have one of the largest saltwater shipments ever coming all day Friday.

    First Shipment:
    45-55 Ultra Handpicked Acropora Colonies-- Most are $55-$85 with a few being $110
    3-4 Blue Sympodium --$50 for 4"-5" Rock covered
    20 Ultra Designer Plate Coral
    2 Rhizo Typus

    Second Shipment: (Delayed: arrives Monday)
    100 Mini Maxi Carpet Anemones All Nice! $20-$25 Each Ultra Rainbows will be $40
    20 Long Tentacle Anemone $20-$25 Each
    20 Assorted Anemones $20-$25 Each
    20 Black Clownfish $25-$30
    1 Nurse Shark $200
    4 Ricordea Rock Covered (Florida and Yuma) $40 each
    Red Carpet Anemone $200-$250
    Blue Carpet Anemone $200-$250
    Eightline Flasher Wrasse


    Note: Prices may change without notice. Arrival Times may be delayed due to delayed flights.
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