So, I tore down my old tank when I moved a year ago and bought all this new to set in new house and am realizing it's never going to happen. I haven't done a complete inventory but can recall most off top of my head and hoping to sell as package and you get everything I have aquarium related. Here's short list and hoping to sell here before posting to Craigslist. Everything is in garage in cranberry twp at driveway so loading is very easy.

60 marineland cube drilled for beans overflow with coast to coast installed. Never got it wet custom stand that will hold 2 20h tanks for sump painted black exterior and inside sealed and white

Ecotech radion still new in box

40 breeder new
2- 20h tanks new

Skimmer that I can't remember the name of. Ran it for less than a month on old system and then cleaned and boxed it back up. Cost like 200 at time

I have return pumps and plumbing parts

A whole bunch of dry nice rock. I acid bathed and cleaned in preparation no idea what kind of weight but a bunch in a big bin.

Anything and everything else. Lots of kalk and 2 part stuff test kits refractometer rodi unit cans for water water jugs etc

I can do a better look in the next few days of what all I have. I have a solid 2k invested in everything. Would like to get around 1000 if possible. I will consider offers. I just don't feel like moving it all to the basement!!

Any specific questions or anything shoot me a pm or email me at