Livestock Currently Available (Prices listed are before 30% discount, and please note that this discount will be the best price--prices will not be any lower):
Blue Damsels-$5.99
Misc. Damsels-$5.99
Black Widow Blenny-$24.99
Tomato Clown Pair-$39.99
Egg Laying Maroon Clown Pair-$200
Talbot Damsel-$7.50
Green Chromis-$7.99
Pink Skunk Clown-$14.99
Large Tomato Clown-$24.99
SA True Percula Misbars-$19.93
Large Snowflake Eel-$59.99
Black Onyx Clown-$59.99
Large Clown Trio (from 200 gallon tank)-$99.99
Zebra Moray Eel-$125
Watchman Goby (from 200 gallon tank)-$39.99
Clarkii Clownfish-$14.93
Snow Onyx Clownfish-$59.93
Niger Trigger-$49.99
Scorpion Fish-$29.99
Midas Blenny-$54.93
Tomato Clown-$19.99
Chocolate Starfish-$14.99
Serpent Starfish-$19.99
Longspine Urchin-$24.99
Red Leg Hermits-$1.00
Blue Leg Hermits-$1.00
Astrea Snails-$.79
*All coral has been moved to the tiered pricing tanks for easier price reference. Prices do not reflect the 30% discount, which will be taken at the register.

Rock Tank and Stand: $100
40 Gallon Tall Rock Tank and Stand: $50
Invert System: $375
Blue Fish System: $500
Silver Fish System: $600
90 Gallon: $500
*Some aquariums are also priced for glass, light fixture and stand separately; please visit store for details.

A variety of Innovative Marine tanks, both new and in use, are still available.

Live Rock:
From Large Rock Tank: $1.99/pound
From Show Tanks: $2.99/pound (coralline covered)

We still have a large variety of dry goods available at a 15% discount.

Used equipment is still available and priced to sell. All store-use equipment is for sale, including but not limited to mixing barrels, hoses, large RODI unit, and select furniture.

We are submitting one final order for Rod's Food. Please visit the store to prepay if interested.

As a reminder, Dave's Aquastock will be closing its doors to the public on Saturday, January 18th