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Thread: Store Closing!

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    Store Closing!

    As most of you know we are moving out of the country. Here is the email sent out last week. We still have a bit of coral and equipment. Our last day we hope to be open is January 18th

    Dear Dave’s AquaStock Customers,

    It is with mixed emotions that I must announce Dave’s AquaStock will be closing its doors after 4 years of operation. My wife Amanda has accepted a job which requires us to relocate out of the country at the end of January. We have been in discussions with a few individuals to sell the store or its assets. If anyone is interested and wants to discuss the opportunity please let me know.

    In order to prepare for the closure, we are offering an 30% discount on all livestock and 15% discount on all dry goods. Store tanks, light fixtures, and displays will also be sold at discount prices at a later date.

    If you have gift cards we will be contacting you to pay those out, and anyone we owe work too will also be delivered unless otherwise instructed.

    It has been a pleasure getting to know each and every one of you and see your aquariums grow and thrive. We are proud that we have been able to be a part of your family and wish you the best of luck in the future.

    If any of you are ever in Fiji, drop us a note – we would love to have visitors!

    Thank you for your support,

    David Barrick

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