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Thread: Thoughts on this skimmer??

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    Thoughts on this skimmer??

    So I've been debating about whether to get a SRO 3000, a bubble magus 220a, or a Tunze 9410...but tonight I found this one... I like the price and I think sicce is a good pump, right? Thoughts? It's for my 180.

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    By the way, I forgot that the link doesn't tell you which model I'm considering. I'm looking at the Cone 3.

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    Bump for morning crew

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    I've heard good things about them. They seem to be the budget skimmer brand of the month. I've been very pleased with my SRO 2000ext, which held that same spot the last few years. IMO the performance differences at this point are negligible and I'd buy based on price, customer service, parts availability, and things like that.

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